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Personal Development SA inspires people to connnect better with customers, colleagues and staff in order for sales to grow.
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Our mission is to connect with the people of South Africa, inspiring them to grow into their full potential and live the life they desire.

Dramatically Increase your Sales

We can help you to discover your prospect’s buying behaviour in just 90 seconds – no long assessment required. We provide tools and training to customise your communication delivery so your message drives conversion every time.

Build Stronger, More Meaningful Relationships

We can help you gain a better understanding of your peers, colleagues, clients, family and friends by gaining a better insight into who you are and what you value. Learn how different people function and how knowing that can influence your life.

Opportunity to Become a Trainer

With our Trainer Certification and Annual Licensing Program, you can bring our world class training methodology to the global marketplace and take it to the BANK!


I was pleasantly surprised that the BANK course could still teach an old dog new “tricks”. After being in the industry for twenty three years, I thought that I have seen it all and knew most of the ways to read a client. The BANK course that I attended helped me to align my presentation with the client in front of me and to better understand the different types of people I do business with. My BANK cards are always with me and when I open my folder, I look at them in order to remind me to use this great method of doing business. Sales people (new & old) should really consider attending the BANK courses.

Jakes Muller, Executive Financial Advisor at DIDIMATA

Having done BANK fundamentals as well as the speed coding course I can happily say that I have got an amazing return on my investment. Recently, I used this technique to successfully close a very difficult customer. The gentleman was coming across in a way that I just couldn’t understand when I first met him – before the BANK courses. Nothing made sense and all the normal signals that I usually interpret accurately were just not making any sense. Fast forward to our last meeting (three weeks ago) I used these new skills in BANK coding to not only close the deal but really understand how to serve this client better. BANK has taught me how to really listen to my clients and prospects and understand what they are really saying by being able to ask the right questions and then get the right answers and then provide the right solutions. I continue to use my BANK skills with all my prospects, clients and staff. I can recommend that any sales person that really wants to serve their clients consider using the BANK system for great results.

Andre Benjamin Swart, Insurance Broker

BANK Fundamentals course with the Personal Development team. An excellent course in firstly – know yourself – and then know your clients. Fun, well presented, easy to grasp and learn concepts that would be beneficial for any business – especially those who value client service. I will happily recommend your training for both personal and business use. Thank you for an extremely valuable day."

Paola Pasteris, Indicate Brand Managers

“B.A.N.K. has opened my eyes to the way I view people and approach them. Applying this into my day to day to day life at work and at home has helped me with the way I view relationships and has also helped me understand the other person best. The training sessions have been extremely knowledgeable and interactive. I have thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Tamaryn Britz

“ After having BANK Fundamentals training with my sales staff we have experienced an increase in opportunities created by understanding the personality types, this has generated more quotes and more sales – for a slow April month we have managed to have the highest turnover and the highest profit for the month of April in 8 years of trading – B.AN.K. really works and adds immense value to my sales team. I have seen a massive big confidence shift in my staff. I made R1 000 000.00 in 30 days for my company after doing the BANK Fundamentals training.”

Allan Pereira, Director, Canon Business Center

“Really happy I was part of the training! It is always fun to learn something new about myself and most importantly how to better serve the guests.”

Ludovic Ngandu, Little Tuscany

“Really valuable training session. Learnt a lot about myself and how to manage client personalities. Used it directly after our training at my meetings, and it really helped me get the maximum out of the clients I met with using BANK in determining the type of person I met with and appealing to their specific profile”. “I have been using it more and I find that the more I use it to my advantage the more I get out of customers and I am actually really enjoying it. I have not only used this with clients but also on a personal level and it has really helped. The training was great.”

Stacy Leicester

“The BANK workshop helped me understand the different personality types that I encounter daily. It also helped me better understand how to sell COPA courses to the four personality types. Thank you very much for granting me the opportunity to have been part of the workshop.”

Veronique Wonderlik, Campus of Performing Arts CPT

“It was definitely a very enlightening workshop and insight into human behaviour. I found the workshop to be really useful especially with regards to our industry where we have to deal with guests, perhaps not so much from a sales perspective (specifically for me) but from a handling of guests’ issues. Knowing where/how/what triggers the guests’ particular outbursts or demands originate from, would help us manage the situation better. Thank you!”

Simon Lee, Little Tuscan

“Shane here, this is the second course I have attended with Personal Development SA, I found the training very beneficial in my business and personal life- Thanks guys xo”

Shane Jatho, Canon Business Center

“I have done the B.A.N.K. training with Personal Development SA. I walked out feeling energised to make a difference. I have learned that all human beings are different and it makes for a rich business and personal landscape. I know myself better and now I can do better. Way to go! You guys rock!”

Roleen Weyers, Professional Coach

“I should've learnt this info at school already! The insight into different communication styles gained from the B.A.N.K. Fundamentals training course should be the starting point for anyone serious about improving their communication. Getting to apply that knowledge in the speed coding training course - practising what I had learnt - helped me immensely with gaining confidence and developing my profiling skill. Based on the group participation and energy levels in the room, it's clear that the other participants enjoyed it too. Thank you!”

Justus van der Merwe, Pivot Point Consulting

“I wish I had known about B.A.N.K. when I was a practicing Occupational Therapist! I cannot wait to use it in my training company with all the therapists and teachers who attend our workshops. I believe not only will therapists and educators benefit, but their patients and learners will too.”

Cara Lee Weir-Smith, Director, Impact Learning PTY (Ltd)

“I have completed B.A.N.K. Fundamentals and B.A.N.K. L1 Training. I have enjoyed every second and firmly believe, that this information should be mandatory in the schooling curriculum. This training assists in better communication with anyone you come into contact with. Thank you team B.A.N.K. !”

Courtney Farrant, Campus of Performings Arts 

"When I first heard about B.A.N.K. I knew it was going to be a great sales training so different to what I was used to I went for the training to learn how to sell to the different personality types and make more money. Little did I know that I was going to get to know and learn so much about myself. I highly recommend B.A.N.K. to anyone, not only sales people".

Karla van der Westhuizen, Sales Consultant, Millenium Konica Minolta

I attended in my capacity as a business owner, the course was instrumental in helping me understand my staff better. As a hairstylist of 28 years, the training has given me new insight into the fact that it is possible to characterize the different clients into the B.A.N.K. categories. This will definitely assist me in how to look at the different personalities. I am excited to see how this is going to enhance my communication with my various clients. I have been married for more then 25 years. I now better understand much better why our personalities compliment each other so well. I am looking forward to attend B.A.N.K. Speed Coding to learn how to speed code my clients buying style just by observing their appearance and behaviours. This will make a world of difference in my attitude towards “selling” to my clients. I would like to thank you for allowing me to be part of this and to Garth personally, for being an excellent facilitator and mentor.

Jacky Naudé, Ashé Hair Design

I attended the B.A.N.K Fundamentals training course recently - Succinct -Simple -Effective -Fun -Enlightening -Novel -Value for money -Rewarding. That was my take but don’t take my word - take the course. Hope to see you at the next level.

Nigel Wilkes, Action Coach, ACMA

Accolade to Garth and The BANK. I was fortunate enough to do the BANK Fundamentals training. The following week my clients called me in to do a proposal for a security upgrade. At the meeting, I was asked my clients to use the BANK cards and I was able to determine the board Consisted of Nurturer and Blueprints. On leaving I told my clients they would have the proposal by 9 am the following day. Just before 9 am, I sent the proposal as promised and on time. 20 Minutes later I had a phone call accepting the R 22 000 proposal. I can only thank the course for being able to target the proposal tailor it to the clients preference.

Donovan Hoare Director ATS All Technology Solutions (Pty) Ltd.


Intro to BANK: Sales Training

Sales Training: Intro to B.A.N.K.

This 1-2 hour introductory session is designed to teach you the science of communication, negotiation, and closing more sales. This presentation is a prologue to our results-driven training courses and allows clear understanding of how the Sales Velocity Equation™—when powered by the B.A.N.K. Methodology™—is the game changer for maximising your success in all aspects of your professional and personal life.


Power Scripting

Power Scripting

This three day course takes you beyond core values to define the likes, dislikes, strengths, challenges, and general behaviors of the four B.A.N.K.™ Personality Types. You will apply our B.A.N.K. Power Scripting Formula—step-by-step—to write custom sales scripts for your own products and services.

You and your group build rapport as you write, present, and exchange feedback in preparation for delivery. In this course, there are opportunities to deliver your partial and final scripts to the full room and get expert feedback on your content and delivery!

R10,000 per person for individuals. Please contact us for a corporate rate.

That's Why I Love You

That's Why I Love You

This half day workshop helps with gaining a better understanding of your partner and how to communicate more effectively within your relationship.
More info
This workshop includes:
  • Personality types: Who am I? Who are You?
  • Staying in love after the honeymoon is over
  • Appreciating each other’s different Goals and Aspirations
  • Different Ways of Learning and how it affects your communication
  • How to apologise and be heard
  • R 350-00 per person
  • R 600-00 per couple
Who should attend this workshop?
  • Anyone who is struggling with partner relationships
  • Anyone who wants to improve their partner relationships
Bank Fundamentals

B.A.N.K. Fundamentals

This one-day introductory workshop is the foundation that sets the stage for gaining knowledge and comprehension of the Sales Velocity Equation™ and the BANK Methodology Personality Profiling System™. Using B.A.N.K.™, you will learn how to improve your expertise and competence in increasing your sales velocity.

This course teaches you a systematic approach by combining the two strategies. The results create a bigger impact on your bottom line by providing more value to your clients and stakeholders.

R3000 per person for individuals. Please contact us for a corporate rate.

Bank Fundamentals - Relationships

B.A.N.K. Fundamentals - Relationships

This course teaches you a system for understanding the important people in your life and gives you the ultimate gift of communication tools that you can use in the dating process, your marriage, parenting, friendships, and all other significant relationships.

R3000 per person for individuals. Please contact us for a corporate rate.

Staying Connected with your Family in a Disconnected World

Staying Connected with your Family in a Disconnected World

This half day workshop deals with understanding and appreciating the family dynamic and how you can improve it.
More info
This workshop includes:
  • Personality types: Who am I? Who are they? How do we interact?
  • Different Ways of Showing Love in the Family
  • Values: Different Goals and Aspirations
  • Different Ways of Learning
  • Preparing your Child for the World

R 350-00 per person
(Discounts apply for a group booking of 4 or more)

Who should attend this workshop?
  • Anyone who is struggling with family relationships
  • Anyone who wants to improve their family relationships
Speed Coding: Sales Training

Sales Training: Speed Coding

This two-day course takes your B.A.N.K.™ coding skills to the next level. You will learn how to speed code your prospects, friends, and family just by observing their appearance and behaviors. You will become a pro at asking leading questions that will give you all the clues you need to break anyone’s B.A.N.K. Code!

R6000 per person for individuals. Please contact us for a corporate rate.

The Principles of Entrepreneurship

The Principles of Entrepreneurship

This half day workshop deals with what you should know before you quit your job to start your own company.
More info
This workshop includes:
  • Learn about Yourself
    • What’s your personality type?
    • How do you learn?
    • What are your top values?
  • Why most Businesses Fail in the first 5 years
  • Is your product meeting a need?
  • What is the Difference between your How, Why and What?

R 350-00 per person

Who should attend this workshop?
  • Anyone who is struggling in their current business
  • Anyone who wants to improve their current business
  • Anyone considering starting a new business
Personal Development SA

About us

Personal Development SA is a training company that offers a variety of training products including sales training.

We aim to connect with as many people as possible to inspire them to be the best version of themselves and to help them grow in all areas of their personal and professional lives.

Most people would agree that the two most common challenges in life are dealing with other people and having too little money.

We offer a variety of courses to empower our customers to:

  • communicate better with others
  • build meaningful relationships
  • boost their income
  • gain a better understanding of themselves and others


Garth Farrant (National)

Garth Farrant (National)

Managing Director

How would you like to spend less time working in your business, doing the everyday things, and more time on your business, doing the important things?

Garth Farrant has been an entrepreneur all his adult life. After beginning the Contemporary Music Department at the National School of the Arts in 1996, Garth grew the department to the second biggest department, and upon his departure, went on to start his own Contemporary Music School in 2002.

In 2013 Garth acquired a franchise of a leading international music school, and established 4 branches around South Africa within the next 5 years. Today COPA is the leading contemporary music industry education institution in South Africa with hundreds of full-time students.

In 2014 Garth came across a revolutionary sales training methodology, and in 2015, acquired the South African rights. This led to the formation of Personal Development SA which allowed Garth to share his skills and knowledge with all entrepreneurs and business owners regardless of their field of business.

He is a Certified International BANK CODE Sales Trainer and a previous president of the Professional Speakers Association of South Africa Pretoria chapter.

Garth is a proud member of BNI Royal, and a Director Consultant in the BNI Tshwane regio.

Garth has trained both the corporate and private sectors.

Celeste Farrant (National)

Celeste Farrant (National)


Celeste Farrant completed N4, N5 and N6 National Certificates in Composition and Performance at GSF Education t/a/ Performing Arts Campus in 2006. She also has a UNISA Grade 7 in Piano and Grade 5 in Theory. She has been performing since 1997 as a vocalist and pianist singer/songwriter. Celeste has fulfilled various roles for Campus of Performing Arts throughout the years including teaching and curriculum development and was appointed as Chief Operating Officer in January 2011 at the age of 25. Celeste has taught various music subjects throughout the years. Celeste co-founded Personal Development SA with Garth in 2015.

She is a Certified International BANKCODE Sales Trainer.

Certified SA BANK Trainers
Courtney Farrant (Gauteng)

082 825 5883

Edna Ellis (Gauteng)

083 260 2660


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